Wendell and Jackson | photo: associated press

A new hero emerges on the Outer Banks, and he’s not a pro surfer.  He’s a 10 year old boy named Wendell.  The Outer Banks SPCA quoted, “Wendell Overton, 10, of Manteo made the world a better place on March 12. Jackson the cat was being tortured by a group of boys. Courageous Wendell rescued Jackson and took him home to his mother, who called the Outer Banks SPCA.  Jackson is doing great and will be available for adoption soon! Thank you, Wendell, for being so brave and doing the right thing!”  We’re going to get a box of Ability gear to Wendell for his bravery and act of kindness!  Ability will also be introducing a new project we have created and are working on at the moment called “friends”.  The friends project will serve as a program to raise money for animal rescue, animal abuse awareness, and shelter animals.  Why the name “friends”?  Simple.  Animals are our friends!  Stay tuned as the friends project will come to life soon!  www.rideability.com/friends